Chinese New Year Red Packets Recycle Program 2024

(Posted Date:2024-02-07 )

During the Chinese New Year, there is a precious traditional culture that people distribute red packets for sending good wishes and good luck to families and friends. However, most of the red packets are simply thrown away after taking out the monetary gifts.

We, therefore, would like to invite you to join our Chinese New Year Red Packet Recycle Program 2024 so as to reduce and reuse the red packets.

After making an appointment with the Concierge, our Housekeeping team will come to collect those brand new or used red packets from your office at the booking time for this recycle program. The collection period is from 9 February 2024 (Friday) to 29 February 2024 (Thursday).

We sincerely hope that you can give a helping hand in this meaningful program which does not only reduce waste, but also protects our environment.

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