St. James' Settlement FOOD-CO New Year Food Drive

(Posted Date:2024-02-05 )

“St. James’ Settlement FOOD-CO People’s Food Bank” has been established to help and provide services to the needy and they always welcome food donation from kind-hearted citizens. During the festive season, we would like to once again encourage your esteemed company to donate surplus gifts received to the needy. We will help deliver the donations to St. James’ Settlement’s Food Bank’s collection point. Details are as follows:

Collectable food items:
Chinese New Year Gift Packs, rice, noodles, canned food and other packaged food with complete packaging which will not expire in 10 weeks.

Non-collectable food items:
Watermelon seed, Chinese pastry, frozen/deep fried pastry or food contained in fragile containers.

Collection period: 5 February 2024 (Monday) to 16 February 2024 (Friday)

Collection points: G/F and 1/F Concierge

We sincerely hope that you can support this meaningful exercise which does not only help families in need, but also protect our environment and reduce waste.

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