Food Waste Collection

(Posted Date:2024-04-10 )

Two International Finance Centre (Two ifc) has participated in the “Pilot Scheme on Food Waste Collection” organized by Environmental Protection Department to address the issue of food waste in Hong Kong.

The current practice of disposing of biodegradable food waste at landfills is both unsustainable and environmentally undesirable. The aims of the scheme are to encourage the community to help reduce food waste. Inevitable food waste should be segregated at the source and recycled to gainful resources. The source-separated food waste collected under the scheme will be transformed into energy, and compost as a by-product at the Government’s treatment facilities.

Tenants can help reduce waste and recycle by setting up their own collection facilities for food waste and other recyclables within the office. The building management team would collect food waste and recyclables during the routine cleaning. Your participation and continuous support would be much appreciated.

For any tenants interested in the food waste collection scheme, please contact the Concierge for more details.

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