Second-hand Fashion Donation

(Posted Date:2024-04-22 )

Two ifc will support the Second-hand Fashion Donation program organized by the St. James' Settlement Social Enterprise “Green Ladies & Green Little” this year. Established in 2008, Green Ladies & Green Little have been promoting eco-friendly habits and middle-aged ladies employment. Through collection of high-quality fashion and accessories, Green Ladies & Green Little promote second-hand clothing for sustainable use of resources.

After making an appointment with the Concierge, we will come to collect the clothing from your office at the booking time for this donation program. The collection period is from 20 May 2024 (Monday) to 31 May 2024 (Friday).

Please take note of the following before donating:

Items We Collect:

  • - In good condition, good quality and free of damage
  • - Trendy fashion (preferably within 3 years)
  • - Spring & Summer seasons
  • - Ladies wear: blouses, pants, dresses, coats, 90% new shoes, bags, scarfs, and accessories
  • - Kids wear: blouses, pants, dresses, coats, 90% new shoes, bags, scarfs and hats; size within 80-140cm (around 2-9 years old)

Items We Don’t Collect:
  • - Broken, stained, without appropriate accessories e.g. buttons and smelly fashion
  • - Headdresses, gloves, socks / stockings, underwear and sleepwear
  • - Company / school uniforms, costumes and custom-made or skinny sportswear
  • - Traditional Chinese clothing, evening dresses / gowns
  • - Swim suits and beach wear
  • - Ladies executive suits, plain executive shirts, pants and skirts and ladies hats
  • - Fur and related items
  • - Menswear / Toys / Books / Baby products

We cordially invite you to participate in this donation program to let the unworn fashion reborn and let’s build a sustainable future together!

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