Two ifc Pledges to Combat Climate Change

(Posted Date:2019-06-10 )

Two ifc has joined the Energy Saving Charter since 2013. We take corporate social responsibility in order to realize a sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions, as well as carbon intensity in Hong Kong so as to aid in combating climate change.

The Energy Saving Charter aims to promote energy efficiency and encourage business and community organizations to save energy. This year, we would appreciate your support in the following respects for the Energy Saving Charter 2019:

1. To maintain an average indoor temperature of between 24-26 ℃ during the summer months of June to September 2019.
2. To switch off electrical appliances and systems when not in use.
3. To encourage staff to adopt and implement the energy saving practices together.

Two ifc has signed up to the 4Ts Charter. According to the Environment Bureau, 90% of electricity consumption and over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in Hong Kong are contributed to by buildings. The Government has established a partnership with major stakeholders in the urban environment under the 4Ts framework.

The 4Ts stands for target, timeline, transparency and together.

Two ifc sincerely invites everyone to join us in leading a greener living as a collective effort. The 4Ts partners are encouraged to set their energy saving targets and timelines and to share their existing and planned future energy saving measures. Whether you are an individual, a shop or a company, we hereby invite you to support our pledge to protect the environment, not only limited to the premises, but also extend the support to your own home and your own life.

Let’s act together and spread the word to make a difference.

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