Fruit Nets Recycling Action

(Posted Date:2019-08-09 )

Fruit Hamper is always a delightful gift and a kind gesture in celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival with your corporate partners. Did you ever wonder if those “fruit nets” packaging can be recycled?

This is the 1st year, Two ifc partners with the “Missing Link – Polyfoam Recycling Scheme”, run by the Hong Kong Association of Youth Development (Tsuen Wan District Branch), to organize this Fruit Nets Recycling Action. We will collect foam fruit nets from 1 September 2019 (Sunday) to 20 September 2019 (Friday), so as to reduce waste and avoid imposing heaving burden on landfills.

You may leave the fruit nets in your office’s designated collection point and housekeeping staff will collect them when they carry out daily regular cleaning to your office. You may also leave the fruit nets to Concierge.

We sincerely hope that you can give a helping hand in this action to reduce waste. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the Concierge at 3416 3000.

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